Central Park & Children’s Play Areas
A natural oasis forms an integral part of Sky City in the form of 25,000 sq. yards Central Park. The park provides a unique opportunity for residents to experience nature in its most pristine form. The Central Park is designed with a wide variety of flora and fauna and landscaped to provide walking and jogging trails, amphitheatre, cycle paths, water bodies, sandpits for children, art installations and picnic points.
Jain Temple & Community Center
Sky City encourages community gatherings. Open designed spaces are provided for festive celebrations, food festivals, sunday markets, farmer’s markets and private parties. A jain temple is integrated in the project.
Retail Spaces
Sky City will allow its residents a life of abundance. Encompassing shopping, recreation, dining and fitness activities, the mini-city will have on offer a hoard of extraordinary leisure experiences. A multiplex cinema is being planned within Sky City.